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The Deeper Scandal of That Brutal United Video

The Deeper Scandal of That Brutal United Video

Many have seen the video of a United Airlines passenger being forcibly dragged off his flight to be "re-accommodated". The bigger scandal, the article points out is, that they can. This incident, and the corporate response, is emblematic of the rule of corporate America, not "exceptional", but routine. (Although this example may be unusual.)

This was a fully-paid customer already seated on his flight. He was a doctor, on his way to resume his practice, scheduled to see patients the next day. But the airline wanted the seat for its convenience - to send flight crew to another location - and their "convenience" superceded their contract. So, they felt justified in assaulting this gentleman by forcefully removing him from the plane. His "disruptive behavior" was, literally, saying "no".

This example is of a piece with corporate "culture" generally. It is a clear demonstration that corporations are not "people." A mantra in many a CEO's office is that their "job" is to make as much money for "the shareholders" as possible - which is patently not true, but is treated as a truism. Corporations are given their charter, and given legal status and protections, to improve society. That's "the truth." Instead, they use that form as an excuse to behave inhumanely. (They have been given a powerful ally in the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.)

It is no surprise, really, that our "CEO" Presidents (e.g. Bush, Trump) perform so poorly. Most CEOs do as CEOs, too. (Why do CEOs fail, and what can we do about it? psychology today.) Trump's multiple business failures are the norm, not the exception. "Top executive failure rates as high as 75% and rarely less than 30%." This rate of failure has a common, familiar cause: hubris and a lack of empathy. It happens when the CEO acts like a corporation.

Consider the biggest corporate scandals: cigarette marketing, the Ford Pinto, Enron- and so many, many more. They come about when the corporate leadership forgets that their customers are human beings -- and so are they. It's the kind of mentality that allows a jurist like Neil Gorsuch to put corporate "convenience" above, literally, their driver's survival. And allows an airline to justify dragging a paying customer off a plane so they can fix their personnel scheduling conflict.
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