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Observations on the wall street "occupiers"

The complete meaninglessness of these folks is even illustrated by their name - they "occupy" a place - that's it. They think that for no better reason than that they exist, someone owes them a living.

Has anyone asked them which president did the most bailouts?

They say they don't have a job, they were foreclosed, etc. Why doesn't a reporter take one of these guys and check on the details of his life? What did HE have to do with it? Nothing? Anything?

So they got laid off, etc.

- Were they the worst employee?
- Did they track events in their business or industry, and foresee what would happen and do something about it?
- Have they kept up with technological changes?
- When did they buy a house - at the top of housing bubble?
- Have they saved any money while times were good?
- Do they know who's been president for three years?
- Who did they vote for?
- Have they screwed up their lives with drugs, alcohol?
- What do they really know about economics?
- How is taxing, overthrowing banks going to help them?
- They talk about "greed" - what's their definition?
- Were they a greedy union member or greedy government employee?
- Have they heard the resons why jobs have been exported out of the US?
- Do they think a huge national debt is a problem? Did they support the legislation that created the huge national debt?

- Have they looked in the mirror lately?
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More fear of a leftist TP I see. I see this coming from a lot of rightests lately.
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Originally Posted by David View Post
More fear of a leftist TP I see. I see this coming from a lot of rightests lately.
Anyone know what the above brainfart translates to?
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