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The poisonous sheep

Read the one below....

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In a distant land many eons ago there was a Kingdom. The Kingdom was not unusual or perfect and had many flaws but by and large people respect the rights of each other. Disagreements happened and typically they were solved by arguing and if they could not be resolved they simply shook hands and “agreed to disagree” or had a war and killed each other.

A warlock lived in a nearby land and was conducting great experiments with animals. He tried to see if he could impart emotions and higher thoughts to sheep and cattle. The reasons for his experiments were unknown but seemed merely to satiate his curiosity.

But what is known is that he succeeded. One sheep was imparted with heightened emotions and would laugh when things struck him funny and cry when things seemed sad. The warlock celebrated his success and threw a big party with friend and neighbors. They had liquor and had great fun moving the sheep’s emotions this way and that with jokes and stories of woe.

Unfortunately sheep are not intended to have such sweeping emotions and in the midst of a jolly guffaw it keeled over and died. Everyone was sad that this interesting creation had departed. The warlock however, was quite drunk and said with a slurring voice “The hell with it, I can make more…lets have lambchops.” So as the party continued on into the night , they had roasted lamb and drank themselves into stupors.

The calamity of this was unknown to them, but it was real. For every villager that partook of thelamb was embedded with a kind of scientific curse. The influx of emotional meat, caused their values to wholly err on the side of emotions rather than facts or data.

One such villager was walking to town to purchase some foodstuffs when he noticed ahead of him a man being carted away to jail in the encaged back of the sheriffs wagon. He quickly caught up to the cart heaving with emotion. The villager yelled up to the driver “What has he done to deserve such ill treatment!! How dare you humiliate him in this way!!”

“He stole a neighbors horse and I’m taking him to jail!” Said the sheriff driving the cart.“You mustn’t…It is too cruel! Too uncaring….here I have some money let me pay for the fine.” The villager pleaded in tears.The sheriff was perplexed but obliged .

The villager went home without any foodstuffs because he had paid to free the criminal. But it was worth it. Because even if his family were hungry for a while, he felt morally superior to that mean-spirited sheriff.

Another attendant at the warlocks party and partaker of the lambchops was one attendant to the king. He carried a highly prestigious job and though not officially on the Kings cabinet had the kings ear, as they say.

As he went to work and was hearing the topic of the fortress’ construction, he was aggrieved. They discussed the system for people entering the fortress and distress over the potential for enemies to get in. He suddenly saw this in a new light. They (outsiders) were not bad for trying to get in…We were bad for preventing them from coming in. In the middle of the meeting he began weeping and over stepping his job description pleaded with council members
“You mustn’t keep them out…This is not who we are!!” the attendant said through streaming tears as a snot bubble appeared on his nostril.

“What on earth do you mean? We are not keeping anyone out who should not be here?! We are merely screening all so as to not led barbarians in!” the King yelled back defiantly. The attendant yelled back, “You fool!!! Don’t you realize this is just what the barbarians want?! They want you to screen people so they can use this as a reason people should become barbarians!! Your screening people is recruiting more Barbarians!!!”

His yelling turned in to a kind of gurgling as he began spewing blood everywhere. He then fell onto the ground and died.

To be continued…
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