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Understanding Syrian Political System and Vatican Injustice practice against Syrians

After the Hama massacre which happened in Syria in 2 February 1982 when the Syrian Arab Army and the Defense Companies, under the orders of the country's president Hafez al-Assad, besieged the town of Hama for 27 days in order to quell an uprising by the Muslim Brotherhood against al-Assad's government in which killed 20.000 people.

After and before b this case the Assad regime and his political system in attracted the Vatican and chatolism and began a long story of cooperation in the field of destruction the Syrian society in general and controlling it.

The Vatican and Italian Gov awarded the Assad all time time and helped this to save his chair and evem more they designed many projects together and offered the support of Jews at the time Israel was a beneficiary from Assad since he served them and did not thinked about starting a war with Israel and return the Golan.

In syria does not exist Islam, it is a country with open culture but who innovate the Islam are the Syrian regime, in other words they make them Islam to benefit from them in politics and the field of control over Syrian society.

The political Islam are an innovation of Syrian regime. But this is not the point, the problem are the innovence victims which has no connection from any side only that they dont want the Assad regime due to the dictatorship style of conducting the country.

For example, the regime in Syria want everything for themselves alone and they want to create a poor society with limited education and tools in order to be controlled and they even dont allow via a specific system the Syrians to go outside of Syria to not work in the field of opposition or to study the regime connections. They try the best to return Syrians to Syria and fight them outside of Syria.

Until today the Syrian regime is active in the field of Islam and all of us know that Syrian regime leaders and family like Maklouf family which work in the field of drugs and bin laden by himself was a drug farmer to destroy the west society via this products and here we connect the Mafia of Italy and Italian Vatican. They are all togther.

But the holocaust of Hama massacre is made each second today in Syria and outside of Syria in Europe. Germany, Italy are an example like Hitler and Mussolini which today in Italy is Berlusconi and others and he already printed Hitler Story for Free to disconnect relation to Jews.

The Syrian Regime Connection with Vatican (his society) and Israel in destruction of Syrians:

one of main Italian and Vatican connections are the Jews and the Jews in Italy has a long history in Florence about the credit and interest rates.

Those together made the credit crisis to control the Global society and take the money from them and the money from wealth people.

OK, everything was to look in order, but the credit crisis as explained above was extended from Italian Jews to Wall Street Jews. Jews like Bloomberg and Geroge Soros made Billions of Dollars after the crisis.

In Italy. The banking system is bankrupt like Lehman brothers case in USA during the credit crisis. All of us know that the Mafia and Jews are behind this as explained in Italian Jews and credit and here we connect the Syrian Mafia of political system.
Italian banks like unicredit became leaders and their alliance and partners in Europe bombed Billions especially those connected to Vatican and US in term of religion.

This crisis of credit when we talk about Vatican and Jews already happened in Syria, an 40% of interest rates was given to Syrians who give the money to credit companies which make claimed and very weak projects which is clearly not profitable.

The people in Syria was selling their won houses and business to give the money to credit companies, after a short time this companies declared bankruptcy and the money was taken
and what happened to credit companies bosses few years in prison and they are free today with foreign accounts.

All this bosses worked for Syrian regime and the Syrian regime worked this to take money people and control the society, victims include high level educated people.

Israel and Vatican already pay Billions of Dollars to see this cases and all this emigrants in Europe with their incredible situation are to empower the physics of Jews and Catholics, Israel, Vatican and his European society and Syria transferred them to Europe.

The problem:

People with very limited education and without practice of relgion from Syria but represent an risk in the field of opposition to Syrian officials are in a holocaust today in Europe.

This holocaust is that Syrian regime dont know how to make the Syrians Muslims and implicate them and make them practice Islam front off the west and later this places of practice will represent risk over the Western society and people will be returned to Syria or taken via a specific system in European commission.

In Germany and even some countries in East Europe Alqaeda built a network of Islam practice, in Germany was closed based on news and all of us know that main suspects of 11-9 attacks in Germany called Zamar is Syrian inside the Syrian prisons.

Another point is that due to Syrian regime connection to Israel and Jews and Vatican they try to control Syrians into the cycle of Jews activities and the Jews are happy to see holocaust against Syrians.

They want to produce cases with limited rights in the streets of Europe suffer all the time via Jews.
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