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January 17th, 2010 until December 30th, 2020
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Political Fray is for intelligent and respectful debate, not attacks

The Political Fray is a place where people from around the world and from all walks of life can come together, exchange ideas, and learn from one another without being subject to attacks or insults.

That being said, please keep in mind that the following will not be tolerated in any of our forums: shouting, personal attacks, teasing, swearing, sardonic humor, ad hominem attacks, or generally anything that is childish. We are all here to discuss important issues and as such I will expect everyone here to behave like adults (which most of us are anyway.) If you do not agree with someone, that is fine, but there is no need to get personal or immature about it. If you have a point to refute, do so in a respectful and calm manner.

I know that many political, religious, etc. topics are very controversial and often flair up emotions within people. Just remember, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and we must respect that. Keep your emotions in check and don't let anger take you over when posting.

If you feel you must demean or attack someone, then please leave the forum until you feel otherwise. There are already enough places on the internet that are full of "flame wars" and fights. This is not the place for that- we are here to discuss things rationally and as calm, understanding adults.

I am writing this post in light of a few things I have started to notice around the forums lately which have started to move towards the line of not being acceptable. This is not geared towards anyone in particular, I just wanted everyone to be aware of this as disciplinary action in the form of infractions and bans will be taken if necessary.

Thank you for reading and please try to keep these points as well as the general forum rules in mind when posting- it'll save us all some grief/time. Also, this is a wonderful resource into learning how to make more effective debate arguments and how to avoid attacks, etc.:
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