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Banned Camp
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El Rushbo and TALK RADIO!

The situation with El Rushbo is fluid and he's being seen more and more as a political bungler;of little use to the Republicans. He may still stay on the air but because many are now getting tired of his 3hr. circus act ,his zionist media handlers are trying to pay him a lot less than he has been getting.

He went into the tea business for the write offs and to give something for his dodo brained wife to do while he's out on the greens with the guys laughing it up over the tiger and his latest White bimbo.

Few are buying his funny tasting tea . Remember how he was giving it out for free if someone bought the tumblers. ?
And then he was selling the urine laced tea for 10 bucks ; looking to clear out the shelves of the stuff before it went passed the use by date.

For those who may be wondering about how his tea became urine tasting ;keep in mind that Limbaugh had many times referenced Mexican- American women as all dressing like whores. And all of them look like streetwalkers on the prowl,according to the great Maharushie.

Well this little tidbit got back to the Mexican- American tea bottlers ,working at the distribution centers ;and when they discovered that the tea they were brewing was for Rush Limbaugh's two if by tea business ,they decided to express their resentment toward Limbaugh
by urinating in the vats designated ;2 if by T...

In Jesse Jackson's biography he mentions how he and other Black waiters would routinely spit in plates of food going to White patrons.
Well the Mexican - Americans are different;they've chosen a different path to walk on ;they've chosen a different way to express the intense feelings of dislike and resentment ;not only toward Rush but towards the entire anglophone community.

They have chosen NOT to spit in food ,something they consider to be sacred, but instead they chose to urinate in the vats of two if by tea ,destined for the ditto head audience.
When some of the Mexican workers were asked how they felt after urinating ,they all exclaimed together and in one voice that they felt RELIEVED!!

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Banned Camp
Joined: Jul 2013
From: washington
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I wish this were only humor but it's mostly very TRUE!!
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