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Virginia Slaps God in The Face

Indeed it is a sad for Virginia in the eyes of the God of the Holy Bible when its legislature refused to pass a bill that would have declared that life begins at conception and thus should be protected under our U. S. Constitution; in other words outlawing abortion, the deliberate murder of an unborn human baby.

God will not take kindly to such action. He is already pouring His wrath on this country in the ever increasing acts of weather violence, including earthquakes for the acts of abomination this nation and now our own State of Virginia are committing against Him which include same sex marriage, promotion of the homosexual agenda, increasing divorce rates, etc as well as abortion.

God will not be mocked nor deceived. Please don't say God bless America or the Commonwealth of Virginia BECAUSE HE WILL NOT DO IT PERIOD. Such a request in view of how much we have turned from Him is an exercise in absolute inexcusable ignogrance of His Word and His righteousness AND WILL NOT BE ANSWERED. Instead He will pour His fierce wrath and anger down the doers of this inequity.

I never thought this state would support abortion and I am no longer proud to be called a Virginia. Those who voted against this bill served their father, the devil, and will dearly pay for this unconscionable act.

Don't think Sodom and Gemorrah can't happen again. There are many volcanic faults running through the earth and volcanic activity is on the increase. and you wonder why our weather is getting more and more vioent. I am warning you people please REPENT before God's Judgment will continue to get worse-God will not ignore sin forever. You have been warned--those who read what I am saying and refuse to repent will be without excuse before God. Choose today whom you will serve. Also choose life or death--eternal life by accepting and obeying Christ as your personal Savior or death by continuing to wallow in sin for which the wages are eternal death in the fire and brimstone of hell and total separation from God.

My words may seem harsh, but if I love you according to the Corinthian definition of that word, then it is my OBLIGATION to warn you. If I didn't then I have to answer to the Lord why I didn't which would have given you the chance to repent. So you are hereby warned and without excuse.
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There are a few issues here:

1) Everyone does not believe in God or the same God.
2) Everyone does not see abortion as murder.
3) The people who passed the bill almost definitely don't see it as murder.
4) The weather events can be explained scientifically too.

And on and on...

Not sure if this is just venting that doesn't really call for a response, but if its a persuasive argument, then my points are important.
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Common Sense: Life begins at conception. If the Virginia power base thought their support would secure their power, they would have voted "yea".
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