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Aim of life

1) What is the aim of the birth of every soul?

A) A soul is the part of creation. Veda says that the world is created for the entertainment of God only. Therefore, every soul should realize that its existence and life are for the pleasure of God only and not for the pleasure of one’s own self or his family.

2) Can we take all the human beings to be born with some purpose?

A) As long as the human being thinks that the birth and the life is meant for the pleasure of one’s own self or its family, till then the life has no purpose. The reason is that as told above. The real aim of life is only to please the Lord. Therefore, the life of such human being which thinks that the ultimate aim is only to please the Lord alone has the purpose of birth.

3) What are the duties of the human being?

A) The only duty of human being is the service to Lord. But, for the service, the maintenance of the body and family is essential. Therefore, the duties related to such maintenance are also part and parcel of the main divine duty.

4) What is the reason for human incarnation?

A) The main purpose of the human incarnation(God coming in human form) is to clarify the doubts of the devotees in the spiritual knowledge. Apart from this, vision, touch, conversation and co-living are the four fortunes that are the available to the devotees. To punish evil forces and protect the devotees, His power is able to do it. Mainly the human incarnation is only to preach the spiritual knowledge. Therefore, the incarnations like fish, pig etc., are only forms of His power. Vamana, Parasurama, Rama, Krishna, Buddha etc., are mainly for the preaching only.

5) How the family should behave to please the Lord?

If the entire family believes the human incarnation, it will be possible to worship the Lord in human form. Since in your question the pleasure of the God is mentioned, we can observe the pleasure for our service only in the human form the Lord.

In worship of idols or in the worship of formless God there is no proof of the pleasure of God that can be noted by us. Therefore, in this answer I had to limit to the human incarnation only. At least you can serve the beggars and note happiness on their faces. You will get heaven for the service though for a temporary stay.
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you are crazy, my friend. I would capitalize my sentences, but u aren't worth it, i'm afraid. u take your god and shove it up ur alimentary canal. please.
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Originally Posted by Aufgeblassen View Post
Then one should bend over backwards to make sure that never happens!
The Vedas say far more than that.
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