1. Ralph47

    Trump's 1st Year: A Tale Of Promises Kept

    By every measure of personal and national prosperity, the nation is better off than it was a year ago, and it's thanks to the integrity of our leader...
  2. Ralph47

    Trump 1st Year Successfulness Poll

    Be honest, how successful would you say the 1st year of Trump was, ignoring all the massive amount of non-relevant noise that took place? :unsure:
  3. David

    1st Debate

    Thoghts? If nothing else, it'll be entertaining.
  4. myp

    US corporate tax rate to become highest in world April 1st

    Japan cut theirs effective April 1st and there you have it. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/u-corporate-tax-rate-poised-171800370.html
  5. myp

    1st GOP Presidential Debate

    Did anyone catch the debate tonight? I missed it, but I saw some of the coverage after it was over- it was surprising not to see Romney, Trump, or Palin, but Pawlenty got a good amount of attention. Paul of course had his strong following as usual (in terms of presence/preliminary polls).
  6. David

    1st 2 US military personnel KIA in the 'Forgotten War'.

    The Philippine War, started in 2002, has largely been ignored past the initial reports of the military's deployment to the former colony. This all changed when we suffered our 1st 2 KIA casualties, both navy...
  7. deanhills

    1st GITMO Detainee arrives in US

    The first GITMO Detainee arrived in the US to stand trial for bombing of US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania killing 224 people. He is currently in the Metropolitan Correctional Centre in Manhattan, New York waiting for trial...
  8. S

    Barrack Obama --1st African American President!!

    As we all know Mr Obama was recently elected as the President of United States of America. Being an African American he still managed to gain commoners confidence and took the lead from his counterparts. So do you think its one of the greatest achievements of African Americans ever, as African...