1. Ralph47

    2018 Election: A Choice Of Good Economy Or Not

    The choice is THAT super simple!!! :smug: President Reagan once said, “The best social program is a job.” Today, thanks in part to the policies of President Trump, essentially every American who wants a job can get one, providing some financial peace of mind for every able individual in our...
  2. Ralph47

    Fattest Cities In America 2018

    The winners for the fattest cities in America for 2018 are: #1 Little Rock, AR #2 Shreveport, LA #3 McAllen, TX #4 Memphis, TN #5 Mobile, AL Most at the top seem to be in the south. Makes sense, as up north they burn up more calories to STAY WARM!!! :smug...
  3. arcturus88

    predictions for 2018!!

    its that time once again for junior soothsayers and mediums of the clairvoyant variety to make some predictions about what will come to pass in 2018. They can be Trump specific, such as this gem from tecoyah: or they can relate to anything in the world in terms of politics, wars...