1. arcturus88

    executive action and gun control

    king obama is holding court and has a royal edict to limit weapons. he's not negotiating with congress he's just doing it, because he's king. the hasn't a clue how to negotiate. ok agree , disagree?
  2. F

    The Civil War: Democracy in Action,or What?

    Those who claim to love the constitution and claim that it must be read and understood word for word always seem to neglect the events which led to the bloodiest war in american history;the civil war. if the constitution -and i think it has some great ideas- represented man's best hope for the...
  3. myp

    Iran threatens to take action if carrier moves to Gulf
  4. myp

    Supreme court rejects sex discrimination class action suit vs. Walmart

    After an ongoing debate and trials, the Supreme Court threw out a class-discrimination suit against Walmart due to too many differences across stores and staffs in the case. I am sure that this decision was a huge relief for Walmart, which saw shares go up over 1 percent during the day...
  5. myp

    Cpac 2010

    Today is the first day of the three day, Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington D.C. which is held every year. There are tons of speakers and guests including several Congressman, political commentators, and authors. I went last year and might try to make it out tomorrow if I get...
  6. O

    Affirmative Action

    What is your opinion on affirmative action? Honestly, im on the fence for this one. It has two sides. To support it, one can make the argument that no matter how hard a minority works, they cannot do anything about their skin color (or gender). They can work equally has hard as a white man...