1. C

    Understanding Actual Money Laundry of Walid Ibn Talal – Saudi Arabia – Mousad Agents

    unfortunately all of us know that Jews and Jews lobby control the world and even European politics and political parties and they build and install via Mousad there agents to destroy the nations anywhere. This person which came from Saudi royal family called Walid Ibn Talal has an profile...
  2. tecoyah

    Actual Debate#3 Fiscal Cliff/slope/speed bump...whatever

    Okay, as I see it we can either allow the crap our congress agreed to, or prevent it if needed through emergency measures. If we do slide down the slope, there is a risk of great damage to our Economy, bordering on default. In order to avoid this possibly destructive result, our elected...
  3. tecoyah

    Actual Debates ~The benefits of Religion.

    In this format (should you decide to post), you have agreed to contribute...not contaminate. By touching finger to keyboard, it will be assumed you intend to use a fact based opinion with each stroke of the board. Between the compassionate charity, societal stability, guiding principles...