1. S

    Worsening Realities in Afghanistan

    First of all, allow me a shout out to our President who nominated and then our Senate who chose to confirm this buffoon Chuck Hagel to meet privately with that most trustworthy of supposed allies, Hamid Karzai. For the love of God. The US and the Taliban...working in concert? We had to...
  2. myp

    16 civilians killed by US soldier(s) in Afghanistan

    The figure includes nine children. It is not confirmed whether it was the doing of one soldier or a group, but one solider has been detained according to NATO.
  3. A

    [Disturbing images] Victims of uranium munitions used by the us forces in afghanistan

    VICTIMS OF URANIUM MUNITIONS USED BY THE US FORCES IN AFGHANISTAN Afghanistan has become the disaster words could not describe, hence, I decided to illustrate this disaster via these photos of babies born deformed. On many occasions, I pointed out that we need funds to build a research...
  4. Comet

    Afghanistan: Leon Panetta signals end to US combat role

    This is great news. Sooner the better.
  5. G

    avatar? a virtual act how Us attacked Afghanistan

    the theory is in the air, that avatar is being shot in a way .. to tell the audience the story how US attacked the bare people of Afghanistan, when they had no weapons and no updates about war elements. as represented by Aliens , that they had nothing to fight with.. to save their assets, as...
  6. C

    Democrat Jim Moran says US military cannot win the war in Afghanistan

    HEADLINE: Democrat Jim Moran says US military cannot win the war in Afghanistan OVERVIEW: Democrat congressman Jim Moran from Virginia declares that the US military is not capable of winning against some primitive Taliban terrorist hiding in their caves in Afghanistan! LINK...
  7. David

    Has Afghanistan hit the jackpot? Deposits of minerals vital to modern civilization, including what is likely the world's largest lithium deposit, have been confirmed by military geologists sent by the Pentagon. Discovered by the Soviets but never developed due to...
  8. deanhills

    Navigation in Afghanistan during winter

    Can't be easy to manouvre in Afghanistan during winter. Already challenging enough during the rest of the year, so add thick snow and avalanches, has to be an enormous challenge. No wonder "occupying" forces don't get to stay for that long. Refer slideshow in Yahoo!News
  9. David

    Savior of Afghanistan, Rep. Charlie Wilson, is dead. Rep. Charlie Wilson, the man who single handedly drove the Soviets from Afghanistan by giving the Mujahedeen the Stinger Missiles and missile launchers they needed to end Soviet air superiority allowing them to drive out...
  10. myp

    France to commit 80 more troops to NATO forces in Afghanistan, far below expectations

    France announced today that it would contribute 80 troops to NATO forces in Afghanistan. The news came as a disappoint to some countries, namely the US, which expected around 1000. France was expected to contribute more in light of troop removals from Kosovo, but French President Nicholas...
  11. myp

    Obama announces Afghanistan plan

    The much-awaited plan for Afghanistan was finally released today by the Obama administration. It looks like they will go ahead and send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan and they have set a withdrawal plan that begins in 18 months and ends by 2017. This decision comes with high political risk...
  12. deanhills

    US Support for new President of Afghanistan

    I thought this Editorial Cartoon just said it all :D:
  13. myp

    What should America's role in Afghanistan be?

    With the war in Afghanistan dragging on and the nation waiting for Washington to make a decision, the debate on the war is something that is starting to come up more again. What do you think our role in Afghanistan should be at this point? Do we commit more troops and how many? How long should...