1. Fitz

    U.S. coal exports soar, in boost to Trump energy agenda, data shows

    As the article states above the Europeans roundly condemned Trump of pulling out of the Paris Accord and on vaunting their green Good for US jobs!
  2. DodgeFB

    Santorum meets with conservatives to discuss future; dropping out not on agenda

    (CBS News) -- Rick Santorum is meeting on Friday with conservative leaders at their request to discuss a possible way forward for his beleaguered presidential campaign, two sources confirmed to National Journal/CBS News. One source, however, emphasized the meeting was not called to ask...
  3. myp

    Santorum says Obama agenda not based on Bible, but "different theology"

    ...And this is why Santorum cannot win the general election. That and his silly economic plans. This guy makes me cringe so much that I think I might rather have Obama in office than him (yes I said it).