1. Ralph47

    Think Iran Will Cave & Agree To New Agreement?

    Do you think Iran will blink & agree to negotiate a NEW agreement before the 90 day re-institution of sanctions? :cool: just curious :cool:
  2. C

    Will the Association Agreement be signed to the end of this year and What expects Ukr

    Catherine Ashton: ??2011 was to have been a year of unparalleled opportunity and development in EU-Ukraine relations. Our aim was to sign an Association Agreement, including a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area, by the end of the year. That Association Agreement was not conceived as a gift...
  3. I

    India and Israel to sign free trade agreement.

    According to Mark Sofer that these are very tough negotiations, they affect industry, they affect agriculture, they affect technologies, they affect transfers of know-how. It's not easy!!! Source:
  4. I

    Tibetans protesting the 17 Point Agreement of 1951.

    Source: Why didn't old agreements being resolved by the higher authorities or the UN? Kashmir issue between Pakistan and India is also same kind of issue. What did United Nations doing about this?