1. tecoyah


    Yeah I know it's not...but Dayum, if this lives in the black frozen ocean here what lives elsewhere.
  2. F

    Fighting against all odds. Loyalty ,an alien concept in America.

    One issue dealing with the war in Europe during the 40s. was the determination of Germany to fight against all odds of ever winning. As late as Dec.1944 waffen SS commanders reported the morale among the combat units was exceptionally high. " One word I have never learned the meaning of is...
  3. P

    Another CA favor for illegal alien invaders

    Now, unlicensed drivers at sobriety checkpoints will no longer have their cars impounded in california. Sympathy for unlicensed US citizens? No, along with the "Dream Act", free education, and free health care at the ER, the law was passed by democrat legislators motivated to give free...
  4. P

    Cost of illegal alien health care? Billions.
  5. P

    Stopping the illegal alien invasion

    Step one is electing a conservative president - leftwingers and RINOs have no intention of stopping it. The former see it as a means of permanent political power for themselves. If they can get their amnesty accomplished, they will have millions of newly-minted democrat voters, plus tens of...
  6. C

    God is an alien

    Not a new concept to most. Technically, god is as alien to humanity as a martian would be to humanity. If god was an alien (in the sense of a mortal being from another planet/dimension) would that change your point of view on the god you worship? Why or why not?