1. Ralph47

    Australian "Poo Jogger" Busted

    A Brisbane corporate manager who is alleged to be a serial public defecator after being photographed with his pants down on a suburban street has quit his job. Andrew Douglas Macintosh, 64, was dubbed the “poo jogger” after a story in the Courier-Mail on Thursday morning generated enormous...
  2. myp

    Australian brothel complains about new church

    Funny. Ironic? :
  3. S

    Corrupt Australian Government Sells Innocent Schapelle Corby For Political Expediency

    I would like to direct all interested member?s attention to the following links: The latter link is of particular interest. This is a website which will develop over the coming weeks, to expose the full horror of what was done to...
  4. RonPrice

    Australian Baha?i Family Members Anxiously Waiting

    Readers at this site might be interested in the following news item hot off the press for 12 June 2010. Australian Baha?i Family Members Anxiously Waiting SYDNEY, 12 June 2010 Roya Kamalabadi of Melbourne and Amin Tavakoli of Adelaide face anxiety today. They wait as they...