1. myp

    Cyprus bailout 101

    Good FAQ about what is going on there. Everything you need to know about the Cyprus bailout, in one FAQ Thoughts?
  2. myp

    EU commits to permanent bailout fund

    EU leaders have agreed to replacing the current EFSF with the ESM (European Stability Mechanism), a permanent bailout fund for the monetary union. The fund will be only one of several changes in policy aimed at stabilizing the EU for the short and long run. More on that here...
  3. N

    US banks ready for another bailout .....

    US banks are ready to fall apart as Euro debt crisis intensifies .... They will seek another tax payer funded bailout (more material for OWS). Fannie Mae asking for another $7.8B bailout. USPS looking for bailout. Alabama county filing for bankruptcy. Many CA counties filing for bankruptcy...
  4. myp

    Geithner asks EU to leverage bailout fund

    Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has asked the EU to act to secure the EU by leveraging its bailout fund to help keep the sinking ship afloat. The suggestions were met disdain as EU finance minsters criticized Geithner and the US for trying to tell them what to do, when the US has often...
  5. myp

    Portugal being pressured to take bailout

    Greece... Ireland... Now Portugal. Amid worries of rising debt financing costs, France and Germany are reportedly pushing Portugal to take a bailout before their yields (and much of PIIGS') get worse. No formal talks have started yet.
  6. myp

    Bailout tracker- who borrowed, how much, and what hasn't been paid back

    Check out this bailout list that tracks who borrowed how much from TARP and the Fannie/Freddie bailouts and who still has money to pay back. I just found it and thought it was pretty cool, even though the ones that haven't paid anything back yet came as no surprise ...
  7. myp

    Europe in debate over bailout fund extension, E-bonds

    As contagion fears continue, some European leaders are calling for an extension of the bailout fund. Among them is President of the ECB- Jean-Claude Trichet. Of course the opposition is Germany, the one that will need the most convincing. Another proposition that has come up is the creation...
  8. myp

    Irish, Portuguese bond yields soar amid bailout speculation

    Irish and Portuguese bond yields soared yesterday after worries that defaults were possible and that the EU might have to bail out more countries than just Greece. The EU took the hit against the USD and Germany and France continue to look to bondholders to help pay the burden of bailouts.
  9. myp

    Eurozone approves Greece bailout

    The Eurozone in collaboration with the IMF (International Monetary Fund) have agreed to a 110 billion Euro bailout of struggling Greece. The bailout will come with restrictions and Greece is expected to make some big spending cuts. The bailout must still be approved in several Parliaments of EU...
  10. myp

    Could it be the end of bailout nation?

    I was just watching the Kudlow Report (great rhetoric that man has) and he was talking about how the court order on the Fed to release loan information during the crisis as well as criticism of Senator Dodd from FDIC chairman Bair (more on that exchange here...
  11. myp

    Fed will be forced to reveal certain bailout documents

    The United States Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled today that the Federal Reserve would be required to release details on emergency lending to the financial sector beginning in late 2007. Media outlets Bloomberg and Newscorp-owned Fox wanted the information released as per the Freedom of...
  12. myp

    Germany, Greece, and the EU

    In light of the crisis in Greece, does anyone have any predictions of what will happen to the Euro or EU? After the crisis unfolded, everyone looked to one of the EU's strongest economies: Germany. Germany seems to be skeptical of a bailout now because a bailout of Greece could set an unwanted...
  13. myp

    Greece could receive bailout from other European nations

    Amid a massive budget deficit and growing financial crisis, Greece recently announced spending cuts along with a state wages freeze and tax reform. After poor outlooks for Greece and the Euro, the EU seems to be ready for a bailout of sorts for Greece as well as other nations that could be in...
  14. O

    Should we bailout newspapers?

    Today, I saw on the ticker that John Kerry is holding a hearing to debate the future of journalism. Honestly, shouldn't we just let newspapers die? Yeah it was great while it lasted but with phones and computers, of what relevance are they? They have...
  15. myp

    Bankers want to opt out of bailout

    Many bankers around the nation are now trying to return their TARP money so that they can opt out of the bailout. They say that the regulations that the government has put with the money is creating more problems than had they not taken the money and just dealt with the problem. Yet another sign...
  16. myp

    Obama's stimulus plan up for a vote

    The House is expected to vote on President Obama's $825 billion stimulus plan today. There has been a lot of debate over whether all of the money is being used the right way and even if it is all necessary. Republicans are saying that some of the spending is excessive and the tax cuts aren't...
  17. O

    Remainder of bailout funds released Well, there you have it everybody. The bailout money which has never actually helped us is being used yet again. Polls are overwhelmingly against the bailout and people even know it failed.
  18. C

    The Economy + The Bailout

    The economy in the United States right now is in an obvious downward spiral. The national debt is now at several trillion dollars. We owe a few trillion to China for the funding they provided for the war, and then there is the whole bailout package. While the bailout doesn't really produce...
  19. M

    American Congress drops the bailout ball.

    I think Congress has really dropped the ball with these bailout bills. The first round, with AIG was a travesty. And after it became apparent they had fouled it up, and many members admitted they had fouled it up, they continued to drop the ball with the auto industry. And this week they...