1. Ralph47

    Finally! Reasonable Travel Ban Upheld By SCOTUS

    Cool! The Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld President Trump’s controversial travel ban affecting several mostly Muslim countries, offering a limited endorsement of the president’s executive authority in one of the hardest-fought battles of this term. The 5-4 ruling marks the first major...
  2. Ralph47

    Trump Orders Ban On "Bump Stocks"

    WASHINGTON (AP) — As a grieving Florida community demanded action on guns, President Donald Trump on Tuesday directed the Justice Department to move to ban devices like the rapid-fire bump stocks used in last year’s Las Vegas massacre. It was a small sign of movement on the gun violence issue...
  3. chris7375

    Dems may not have the votes to pass the gun ban

    It would seem that some Dems are skeptical of the ban Feinstein is proposing. The ban includes 2200 Hunting and sporting rifles. If they don't muster the votes the bill could be dead in the water...
  4. chris7375

    Gun Ban detailed includes a lot of guns.

    It may be that each of us own now an illegal gun if this bill passes. I would have to say I would have 2 that are at this point considered illegal by Feinstein's bill. The bill includes a lot of gun more then I thought it would. Handguns does not seem to be defined though I am not sure if it...
  5. chris7375

    Democrats revealing the Assault Weapons Ban today.

    It would seem that the Dems are on their merry way to having an Assault weapons proposal today for all of us to see. It looks like they are going to try and garner support for the bill and try and get it passed in the House. Though Reid is skeptical it will pass...
  6. David

    DoD ends ban on women warriors.
  7. clax

    why a ban on assault weapons doesn't make things safer

    First what is an assault weapon? A fire arm that has the following features A folding or telescoping stock A pistol grip A bayonet mount A flash suppressor, or threads to attach one A grenade launcher. Aside from the grenade launcher this is a...
  8. myp

    Obama to propose assault weapons ban, better background checks

    Comes a day after Cuomo signed a big gun control bill in New York.
  9. DodgeFB

    Horse Slaughterhouses May Reopen After Five Year Ban

    Horses can now legally be butchered for human consumption in the U.S. after Congress lifted a ban on funding horse processing inspections this month. The measure was part of an agriculture spending bill President Obama signed on Nov. 18, reversing the 2006 decision by Congress to defund...
  10. myp

    Several EU nations temporarily ban short-selling

    France, Italy, Belgium, and Spain are banning short-selling temporarily to "stabilize markets". A smart move or one that just shows they know their system is failing? I'd say the latter. If this move ends up being anything like what happened here in the States after the SEC banned shorting...
  11. obtuseobserver

    San Fran Circumcision Ban

    good lord
  12. G

    US proposes cellphone ban for truck drivers

    I think that cell phones shouldn't be banned for truck and bus drivers. I don't think we should discriminate against someone just because they drive a truck. However, I believe that the trucking companies should be allowed to decide whether or not they want to permit their truckers to use cell...
  13. AJS

    Pitbull ban?

    Here in the UK pitbull "types" are already banned. It looks like laws are coming in over in the US to ban pitbulls in certain areas/states? Do you agree with banning of breeds, specifically pitbulls, or not? I think it's the owners responsibility and pitbulls are no more dangerous than any...
  14. D

    Chicago gun ban laws

    Do you think the 2nd admendment power rests on the local and state governments to say who can/can't restrict guns to? Recently the Supreme court ruled in the favor of Washington D.C. citizens but that only settled the gun debate at the federal level, leaving a lot of questions up to State and...
  15. myp

    California ban on trans fats goes into effect tomorrow

    Tomorrow, California will become the first state in the nation to impose a ban on restaurants using trans fats. The bill was signed into law a year and half ago and stated that by January 1st, 2010, all restaurants in the state would have to comply. Link...
  16. deanhills

    Ban on Smoking in Public Places ... how effective is it?

    The UK has just come up with a study that proves that banning smoking in public places has helped to curb heart disease. Do you think one would be able to evaluate something like that. I would have thought that it could help in a subtle way, but that it has been the overall anti-smoking...