1. N

    How Big Banks Became Our Masters

    How Big Banks Became Our Masters There will never be peace until the last billionaire oligarch is hung with the intestines of the last Wall Street Banker. [With apologies to Voltaire] .
  2. Fitz

    China banks fear US North Korea sanctions

    interesting one for the North Korea watchers... China banks fear US North Korea sanctions - BBC News
  3. myp

    Banks settle with government to give $25 billion towards homeowner assistance

    Five banks have settled with the Federal government in a case with the government over fraudulent foreclosure policies and other mortgage policies. source: Thoughts?
  4. Fascist Canuck

    Canadian banks

    It seems our Canadian banks are raking in record profits in a time of worldwide recession, whilst the banks in the rest of the world are given government handouts (see bailouts). It is no wonder the world recognises that we are the best bankers. The only consequence of our banks would be that we...
  5. myp

    Central banks collaborate to counter worsening Euro crisis

    The Fed, ECB, Bank of Canada, Bank of England, Bank of Japan, and the Swiss National Bank announced earlier today a plan to increase non-Euro credit to Europe to stave off a credit crunch. The plan includes bilateral liquidity swaps...
  6. N

    US banks ready for another bailout .....

    US banks are ready to fall apart as Euro debt crisis intensifies .... They will seek another tax payer funded bailout (more material for OWS). Fannie Mae asking for another $7.8B bailout. USPS looking for bailout. Alabama county filing for bankruptcy. Many CA counties filing for bankruptcy...
  7. myp

    US to file lawsuits against major banks

    Well this has been a more eventful evening than expected. Apparently the US is expected to file a massive wave of lawsuits on the biggest banks in the next few days. Not many details on this yet, but hopefully this means they finally start doing their jobs (although I doubt it)...
  8. myp

    Fed's Hoenig calls it like it is- big banks are government backed

    source: Once more Thomas Hoenig is one of the only sane voices in the Fed, making a public statement that the big banks are essentially government sponsored enterprises and should be treated as such. Personally, I'd...
  9. J

    Should the banks get bailed out?

    The banks made bad investments with the unbridled lending to the sub-prime market and other bad investments. Then convinced the government that the economy would collapse if they didn't get bailed out. Should they have gotten bailed out? Even after getting bailed out they waste some of...