1. H

    San Fran to consider banning nudity

    Some homosexuals like to run around exposing themselves to others. San Fran, long seen as tolerant of the antics of these mentally disturbed people, is maybe being pushed too far. On Tuesday, city leaders will vote on banning nudity. The ban represents an escalation of a two-year fight...
  2. deanhills

    First France, now Belgium banning burqas

    Looks as though Belgium is following in the footsteps of France with banning burqas in public, also for security reasons. Muslim women in Belgium are quite upset with this. Perhaps the Government has a good point in banning this? YahooNews
  3. myp

    Banning Guns- it does not work

    The debate on banning guns heated up once more after the election of President Obama. I am against such action, as I believe it is against the 2nd amendment and I think people should have the right to defend themselves. Not only that, but I think banning guns won't actually reduce crime because...