1. N

    How Big Banks Became Our Masters

    How Big Banks Became Our Masters There will never be peace until the last billionaire oligarch is hung with the intestines of the last Wall Street Banker. [With apologies to Voltaire] .
  2. arcturus88

    big joe puts protestors in place

    Listen to this guy stick it to the left. pretty awesome.
  3. F

    Chris Stevens Got the Big BENGAZI ,you know where!

    The proposed investigation of events in Bengazi ,last year, that resulted in the slaughter of 4 diplomats has been put on indefinite hold. I can't reveal my sources other than to say that journalists from Aljazeera English have stated to me that Stevens [the diplomate in charge ]and all the...
  4. David

    Big E retired after 50 years.

    Was a good run, Enterprise.
  5. myp

    Administrative hiring up at big schools, tenured professors not Interesting issue. I'm not really sure what the cause of this might be, but it could be wasteful.
  6. M

    Romney scratching his head over Obama, Big Bird

    Mitt Romney and his Republican allies have struck a tone of exasperation about President Obama’s use of Big Bird as a campaign issue ever since Romney invoked the giant, yellow “Sesame Street” character at last week’s debate in Denver. Mitt Romney says he's scratching his head over President...
  7. David

    Big E on last mission. 50 years, 1st nuclear carrier, 1 of the 1st ships to avenge 9/11 and continued the legacy of the original Big E, the most decorated warship in history. She'll be missed.
  8. C

    Gingrich Gets Big New Hampshire Endorsement

    Gingrich Gets Big New Hampshire Endorsement Published November 27, 2011 | Source: Rest of story:
  9. P

    What do libs think is the biggest thing too big too fail?

    The federal government.
  10. myp

    Watch HBO's Too Big to Fail

    I saw this a while ago and forgot to share it here, but HBO's Too Big to Fail is worth the watch. It is of course based on true events and some of the things you see are just astounding (some of you who followed the crisis will probably know most of what it shows by now, but the dramatization is...
  11. myp

    Fed's Hoenig calls it like it is- big banks are government backed

    source: Once more Thomas Hoenig is one of the only sane voices in the Fed, making a public statement that the big banks are essentially government sponsored enterprises and should be treated as such. Personally, I'd...
  12. C

    Video: Glenn Beck says big government bailouts are an affront to God

    HEADLINE: Video: Glenn Beck says big government bailouts are an affront to God OVERVIEW: Glenn Beck explains to his viewers that big government bailouts--like the ones from Obama and in the EU--are an affront against God Almighty.
  13. O

    Big 3 asking for more money

    Well, there you have it. Despite all the money we gave them, GM is saying it might need up to $30 billion more. Chrysler is askiing for about $5 more. Oh yeah, did I mention that they are cutting thousands of jobs and even vehicle models? When will people realize thay they are...