1. N

    Rockefeller Family charity pulls funds from Exxon Mobil over climate change cover-up

    Rockefeller Family charity pulls funds from Exxon Mobil over longtime climate change cover-up .
  2. G

    My Welcome to the Fray

    I'm a 66 year-old White man who isn't angry about much except how many of my fellow citizens continue to believe "choosing" between Republican OR Democrat in the voting booth Changes anything of substance. Huey Long saw it clearly decades ago when he pointed out DC's resemblance to a...
  3. myp

    Has the Republican party just recently gone anti climate change, anti-Obamacare, etc.

    Interesting piece. Might be somewhat biased as most things political usually are, but some of the facts are just undeniable. While I'm familiar with some of the examples used, others were new to me. Anyway, the question comes up, how many of today's Democrats are on the issues yesteryear's...
  4. S

    Hope...and change.

    Got some hope fer ya...... U.S. Bank Profit Surged 37% in 4th Quarter - Bolstered by gains on loan sales and trading revenues, banks reported fourth-quarter net income of $34.7 billion, a 37% increase from the final three months of 2011, according to the Federal Deposit Insurance...
  5. tecoyah

    Can the new congress change things?

    There are new faces, new positions, and certainly new attitudes on both sides. I see hope coming, perhaps even a measure of what was once there, the tea party is fading, democrats have a few to make them rethink, and the GOP has many. Coudl we be watching a reset?
  6. myp

    FOMC announces monetary policy change

    They are looking to pursue a form of Evans rule in which the central bank will keep rates low as long as unemployment is still above 6.5% and inflation is below 2.5%. Good move in my opinion, not the best, but not bad either.
  7. myp

    Romney win would change little at the Fed in short term

    An analysis suggests that a Romney presidency might not change much at the Fed in the short run.
  8. Comet

    Obama announces change in contraceptive coverage rule after outcry

    Pleased to see Mr. Obama reverse course on this matter. I slightly perplexed on why he went in his original direction. He had to have known this would go over as well as a fart in church. He knew there would be serious backlash. The important item to take away from this, is in the end, he...
  9. myp

    Huntsman says rejecting evolution, climate change is not a winning formula

    Kudos to him. One thing that always bugged me about the Republican party was their [general] view on evolution. On climate change, the rejection of empirical studies is also equally unfortunate, but in fairness, the other side often adds their own "baloney" to that debate to get what they want...
  10. Dirk

    Something Nice For A Change

    Because we're usually ranting about things we oppose, and deploring things we disapprove of, i decided to post this: Here's something that i support and find very heartening: Afghan Womens' Writing Project.
  11. ArghMonkey

    Kucinich shreds Democrats for betraying the promise of change
  12. myp

    Climate change controversy

    I am sure most of you have heard of the recently hacked and publicly-released emails between some of the leading climate change scientists that suggest data was manipulated and intentionally withheld if it was against their theory of climate change. People have had mixed reactions to the emails...
  13. S

    Will Obama's government bring about a drastic change!!

    According Obama's recent speeches its quite evident that the new US president is all set to make huge amendments. His claims seem pretty impossible, for instance the one of "shutting down outsourcing and creation of ample jobs. Well looking at the current perspective the job seems too demanding...