1. arcturus88

    the experience of changing one's mind

    Please describe a time that you changed your opinion about something or someone? How did it happen? what moved you to another opinion about the thing? I will submit my entry at a later time.
  2. myp

    Retailers changing prices depending on location and perceived incomes

    From Orbitz to Amazon to now some traditional retailers, this is a trend that is catching on. A move towards discriminatory pricing is not necessarily a bad thing (it could actually be a very good thing- look at the airline industry). Will be interesting to see how this unfolds...
  3. myp

    Latin America changing strategies on war on drugs

    Some Latin American countries are changing their strategy on dealing with drug trafficking. The move calls for easing costs that come with going after small-time users, and instead reallocating some money towards catching the big-time traffickers. The new strategy is in contrast to the United...