1. N

    US Nazi President picks war criminal torturer as CIA chief

    ' Trump pick for new CIA director Gina Haspel oversaw torture .
  2. C

    The Pruitt Emails: E.P.A. Chief Was Arm in Arm With Industry

    WASHINGTON — As Oklahoma’s attorney general, Scott Pruitt, now the Environmental Protection Agency administrator, closely coordinated with major oil and gas producers, electric utilities and political groups with ties to the libertarian billionaire brothers Charles G. and David H. Koch to roll...
  3. Protectionist

    Obama Administration = the Muslim Brotherhood

    Being that the Muslim Brotherhood is the #1 subversive, Islamist organization in America, composed of dozens of front groups, and whose goal is the destruction of America (and all of Western civilization), it would seem strange that members of the Brotherhood could be found in the Obama...
  4. E

    Divider and Chief Obama

    were he serious about avoiding Fiscall Cliff he would be open to comprimise he is not he doesnt want to avoid it Regardless of how many Golf trips He Takes and if He would quit race Baiting and Raising the Race card every time he gets in a Tight spot he would not look like the Divider he is
  5. N

    UN chief says ... UN chief says Syrian president must stop violence. Now we care what UN chief says :) We ignored UN when we destroyed 'eye-raq'. Now we believe in it? We ignore and veto all UN resolutions that are not in...
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    Alexander Cockburn: Obama's chief of staff quits the White House-he won't be missed.,news-comment,news-politics,alexander-cockburn-farewell-rahm-emanuel-barack-obamas-dud-svengali Rahm Emanuel quits the White House, but the President won't see it as a loss- the man was a liability.