1. arcturus88

    red vs. blue civil war

    increasingly we as a nation are moving further and further apart ideologically. there are those who have a strong belief in democracy and the constitution and those who simply see these constructs as a way to socially engineer society to the desires of the elite. is civil war inevitable? will...
  2. Protectionist

    Lincoln Memorial Civil Rights Rally was a FARCE.

    What an absolute FARCE was this so-called "civil rights rally" held at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC yesterday. Supposedly to commerate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington in 1963, this thing was a hate-fest against White people, and anyone and anything who might stand...
  3. F

    The Civil War: Democracy in Action,or What?

    Those who claim to love the constitution and claim that it must be read and understood word for word always seem to neglect the events which led to the bloodiest war in american history;the civil war. if the constitution -and i think it has some great ideas- represented man's best hope for the...
  4. C

    Republican Roots of the 1964 Civil Rights Act

    Republican Roots of the 1964 Civil Rights Act by Michael Zak source:
  5. N

    If their is a civil unrest in a Muslim nation - White mans thinks it is their moral..

    If their is a civil unrest in a Muslim nation - White mans thinks it is their moral responsibility to topple the regime and install its puppets. Now US has civil unrest 'Occupy Wall Street', should other nations try to topple US regime?
  6. myp

    Greece goes into strike- civil unrest starts

    In the midst of a severe financial crisis, tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets in Greece for a 24-hour strike. Shortly after some violence also began as some young people began to throw things at police. The anger is the result of massive spending cuts which were required due to...
  7. David

    The forgotten civil War. How American can learn from it's past.

    In February 1899 civil war erupted as America's largest colony in the Far East attempted to declare independence. After a brutal guerrilla war that dragged on until 1902 and which suffered major anti-imperialist opposition at home the 'Vietnam War of the 19th Century' ended in an American...
  8. O

    Gay marriage, civil unions and the sanctity of marriage

    Are the above mentioned issues really something that states should be deciding individually? Or are they a matter of rights that should be addressed by the government? IMO, it's an issue of rights and needs a governmental rule. Marriage can't be accepted in one state and not in another...