1. C

    Scientists Fear Trump Will Dismiss Blunt Climate Report

    WASHINGTON — The average temperature in the United States has risen rapidly and drastically since 1980, and recent decades have been the warmest of the past 1,500 years, according to a sweeping federal climate change report awaiting approval by the Trump administration. The draft report by...
  2. N

    Rockefeller Family charity pulls funds from Exxon Mobil over climate change cover-up

    Rockefeller Family charity pulls funds from Exxon Mobil over longtime climate change cover-up .
  3. myp

    Has the Republican party just recently gone anti climate change, anti-Obamacare, etc.

    Interesting piece. Might be somewhat biased as most things political usually are, but some of the facts are just undeniable. While I'm familiar with some of the examples used, others were new to me. Anyway, the question comes up, how many of today's Democrats are on the issues yesteryear's...
  4. myp

    Huntsman says rejecting evolution, climate change is not a winning formula

    Kudos to him. One thing that always bugged me about the Republican party was their [general] view on evolution. On climate change, the rejection of empirical studies is also equally unfortunate, but in fairness, the other side often adds their own "baloney" to that debate to get what they want...
  5. myp

    What effect will the recent oil spill have on climate change/offshore drilling plans?

    Reuters has an interesting round-up piece on the potential effects of the recent oil spill in the Gulf coast. The oil spill, which was caused by a damaged BP rig, has already let out thousands of barrels of oil and continues to do so. This could lead to a reduction in offshore drilling support...
  6. ArghMonkey

    Government intervention in the market (spin-off of climate controversy thread)

    Why not let the market fix it? For the same reason wall street needs to be regulated and its only after the great recession that people in power realize it. If you let people, whos sole motivation is money, try to fix a problem like global climate change, they will fuck it up, let business...
  7. myp

    Climate change controversy

    I am sure most of you have heard of the recently hacked and publicly-released emails between some of the leading climate change scientists that suggest data was manipulated and intentionally withheld if it was against their theory of climate change. People have had mixed reactions to the emails...