1. Ralph47

    FYI:Obama & Clinton Slammed Illegal Immigration

    I'm not joking! :smug:
  2. C

    GOP Operative Sought Clinton Emails From Hackers

    GOP Operative Sought Clinton Emails From Hackers, Implied a Connection to Flynn Peter W. Smith portrayed the former general as an ally in an effort, independent of the Trump campaign, to find personal emails deleted by Hillary Clinton WASHINGTON—Before the 2016 presidential election, a...
  3. R

    Hillary Clinton admires Margaret Sanger

    Margaret Sanger said these following words: "Colored people are like human weeds and need to be exterminated". Hillary Clinton said these following words about Sanger: "I admire Margaret Sanger enormously, her courage, her tenacity, her vision". Hillary enormously admires a woman who believes...
  4. R

    Even Jimmy Carter dislikes Hillary Clinton

    Even former President Jimmy Carter dislikes Hillary Clinton. These were his exact words: "The novelty of electing the first woman President of America should not outweigh our duty of electing an honest and ethical President".
  5. I

    Hillary Clinton wins

    Hillary Clinton is going to get the Nomination because she is 92 Delegates away from Nomination already, and the next state up is California. She Can lose California by an absolute landslide.. She could be a complete Joke in California and get over a hundred delegates. Hillary Clinton won...
  6. R

    I Don't Trust Hillary Clinton

    (This is a poem that I wrote about Hillary.) Because of the allegations that have come out against Hillary Clinton, she's a person who I don't trust. Hillary's supporters don't want me to tell you this but I must. Because of these allegations, I can't and won't trust her to run this country. If...
  7. H

    Hillary Clinton 2016?

    It's funny that Bill can mention anything about presidential contenders and automatically it means that Hillary is running in 2016: Bill Clinton hints at Hillary 2016 presidential run - Arlington Political Buzz | Will she run though? I think she might make a decent president. I...
  8. mogur

    13-Year-Old Chelsea Clinton As The "White House Dog"

    As reported by the late columnist Molly Ivins, during an episode of his television show in the early years of the Clinton administration, Limbaugh "put up a picture of Socks, the White House cat, and asked, 'Did you know there's a White House dog?' Then he put up a picture of Chelsea Clinton...
  9. DodgeFB

    Americans Judge Reagan, Clinton Best of Recent Presidents

    February 17, 2012 Americans Judge Reagan, Clinton Best of Recent Presidents Public split on whether Obama will be judged positively or negatively by Jeffrey M. Jones...
  10. myp

    Clinton, Summers favorites for World Bank position

    With the World Bank President stepping down, the search is on for the next head. The US will make the appointment as per tradition (in which the Europeans appoint the IMF and the US World Bank) and right now Lawrence Summers and Hilary Clinton are favorites. Summers I can see, but I was a bit...
  11. myp

    Clinton accuses Iran of becoming a military dictatorship

    Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, made a public statement this week in which she said Iran is becoming a military dictatorship. That coming from a cabinet member is big news. The comment is expected to garner further world support against the current regime in Iran and it will probably make...
  12. myp

    Clinton seeks to fight internet censorship

    In light of the recent Google-China issue, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton is expected to announce a greater focus on fighting international internet censorship. Part of this plan includes funding grassroots organizations which fight censorship. reference...
  13. O

    Former President Clinton brings back N. Korean prisoners

    As most of you have probably heard, Bill went to North Korea and had two American journalists released. Does anybody else think there's more than meets the eye here? The WH has said that he went as a private citizen and didn't...
  14. deanhills

    What's happened to Secretary Clinton?

    I only saw Secretary Clinton in action right at the beginning in February when she was annointed Secretary. There was then a bit of a tour, with very little real substance to report, other than introducing herself to everyone. And then Obama seems to have taken on her role as the Secretary of...
  15. myp

    Senate confirms Hilary Clinton

    The U.S. Senate approved the Hilary Clinton nomination for Secretary of State today, by a 94-2 vote. There was some opposition due to a possible conflict of interest that could be caused by Hilary Clinton's husband, Bill Clinton, and his charitable foundation, but Bill Clinton had signed an...