1. Ralph47

    Coming Ice Age Already Kills 35 Manatees

    :cry: BRADENTON,Fla. — A report says 35 manatees across Florida have died as a result of cold stress syndrome in January. The Bradenton Herald reports the deaths between Jan. 1 and Jan. 26 were tallied in a preliminary report from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission...
  2. Ralph47

    Ice age coming by 2030!

    :o A study that the mainstream media will likely attempt to hide and brush under the rug, has declared that the Earth has not warmed in 19 years. This calls into question every single hack, including Barack Obama, who claimed “climate change” was a “settled science.” But don’t celebrate...
  3. N

    Mueller Is Coming for Trump

    Mueller Is Coming for Trump The special counsel’s expanding probe will reveal loads of dirt from the president’s financial past .
  4. arcturus88

    obama care hikes coming

    if this bothers you. remember lots of people that are not working rely on you doing your part here. in other words...take it with a grain of salt. :rolleyes: USA Today: The Cascade of 2017 Obamacare Premium Hikes Has Arrived - Guy Benson
  5. myp

    Election coming down to last few days

    I don't think we will know strongly either way until after the votes start coming in on Tuesday and even then it will probably take a while. The battleground states will make or break whoever wins and a lot of them are still up for grabs. A lot of money and time are being spent in states like...
  6. myp

    What do you make of the coming fiscal cliff?

    The end of this year will see an expiration of the Bush tax cuts, extended stimulus tax cuts, and extended unemployment benefits. It is what many are starting to call the "fiscal cliff". For more on that and CBO projections on it, you can check out this link...
  7. D

    Meaning of second coming of Jesus

    The names like Rama, Krishna, Jesus etc., belong to the external human body, which has taken birth. Such names are generated only after the birth of these human bodies. Therefore, such names are certainly the names of the external human bodies only, which are like the shirts. When the human...
  8. myp

    Negative interest rates- coming to a bank near you soon?

    The Bank of New York announced earlier this month that it would charge fees for large deposits, effectively creating a negative interest rate where the depositor pays money to keep money in the bank. This week, Switzerland and Singapore have seen certain market rates fall negative as well as...