1. Ralph47

    Olympic Comments Thread

    Kindly post you Olympic thoughts/comments/observations here! :D WOOHOO!!! The USA hockey ladies just made Olympic hockey history, by scoring two goals in just six (6) seconds against the Russians! :D
  2. chris7375

    Were Danny Glover's comments Racist?

    Hey everyone sorry I have not been around. I had to help a friend, had some family down, and I need a break from a few things. So anyway with that being said I came across this interesting article. I found it last week because I read the news online for the most part. I myself think it was a...
  3. obtuseobserver

    Comments on Wisconsin

    The advocates on either side of this issue are quite passionate about their beliefs but often substitute that for an honest view of the facts or reasoned opinion. Some of the facts get obscured by rhetoric and mudslinging. Check the blog for some clarity... pictures too...
  4. myp

    US-Israel relations getting shakier after administration's comments

    Vice President Biden and Secretary of State Clinton were both part of some recent criticism against Israel, particularly dealing with an expansion of settlements. Pro-Israel groups are expectedly not happy with the criticism and are suggesting it could cause a right in the alliance, which could...