1. Ralph47

    U.S. Confidence Near 17 Year High

    If you think the President has NOTHING to do with it, you may as well go back to head down position. :giggle: Consumer confidence hit 122.1 in December, slightly below the 17-year high set in November, 128.6, according to the Conference Board's index released Wednesday. "Despite the...
  2. E

    Lets Buid That-

    if We Have Confidence In Christ We Can do al Things which strengthens us. Do not need Govt To Build that, we can Build That with Gods Help.I have the Faith to call things thatare Not as If They were so. Most People do Not Fail because they set their Goals to High and missed, Most Fail for...
  3. G

    confidence is collapsing??

    guys i was reading some news at e-journal and i read this "What the Philly Fed index does show ? along with the selloff on Wall Street, the rally in gold and bond markets, and the gloomy mood on Main Street ? is that faith in the markets and in the economy and in politics have been shaken...
  4. O

    Why doesn't the market have confidence in Obama?

    It seems like nearly every time President Obama speaks or a new bill is announced, the markets seem to plummet. There just doesn't seem to be any confidence in him. Do you think it's because hes a new president or because we have never seen an economic situation quite like ours?