1. Ralph47

    Poll: More Hope Kavanaugh Is MORE Conservative

    Than Kennedy was, that is! :cool: A recent poll shows a plurality of Americans want the next Supreme Court justice to be "more conservative" than outgoing Justice Anthony Kennedy. An Economist/YouGov poll highlighted on Hill TV's "What America's Thinking" found that 29 percent said they...
  2. arcturus88

    my conservative heroes

    exhibit A: Jordan Peterson He's a Canadian professor/psychologist who bucked the Canadian law that forces people to use certain pronouns for transgender types or face criminal charges. Here he is in thug-life format giving it to the leftists.
  3. arcturus88

    conservative conservationalists party

    It has a nice ring doesn't it? For me, one of the largest detractors of the GOP / conservative / republican party is it doesn't give enough "air time" or commitment to the environment. It should. It is very in line with the over-arching ethos of conservatives. But don't take my word for...
  4. El VetoVoter

    Troll Presidential Candidates

    Troll Presidential Candidates: Conservative Hillary is Dem; Progressive Trump is Rep; Really? Give us a break! Wow! What a wacky lineup! On the "LIBERAL" side, we have a long-time establishment politician who has supported just about everything that her followers oppose. The list is...
  5. David

    Conservative Socialism (Yes it's a thing!)

    I thought it'd be a good idea to explain my ideological bent, far too many posters here and elsewhere have swung wildly (and I speak over several years) from thinking I'm a moderate Republican to some crazy leftist who worships Clinton (let's ignore the contradictions in terms there). I'm a...
  6. Y

    New Conservative Blogging Site

    Hey everyone, long time reader - newer poster.... I confirmed with the owner of this forum it was OK to post this, I own forums myself and always appreciate that and definitely did not want to come across as spam. I am in the process of starting a new conservative blogging site -...
  7. tecoyah

    What is Conservative?

    According to my understanding, conservatism means attempting to maintain the status quo on a larger scale while leaning things a bit toward those things we learned from the past. In my opinion, the Democratic platform meets this criteria significantly more accurately than the GOP. What say you?
  8. N

    Outsourcing of Jobs - Liberal or conservative idea?

    Outsourcing of jobs is 'Pro-business'. Is that 'Pro-liberal' OR 'Pro-conservative'? Outsourcing of jobs has stagnated US economy which depends on consumer spending. Why not outsource shops/restaurants along with the jobs so that they can find consumers abroad. Why not ship US voters to...
  9. C

    Conservative vs. Liberal Immorality

    Let's start with someone in the headlines right now, John Edwards. Well, the first thing that we have to say for Mr. Edwards is that he has admitted that he had "sex with that woman", and that it was quite wrong. He hasn't made a laughably lame attempt to excuse his marital misconduct, ? la Newt...
  10. G

    Are our Two Parties really Conservative or Liberal?

    Nearly every time we turn on the news or radio and listen to someone party-loyalist blowhard talk about liberals or conservatives in a positive or negative light I am baffled. Baffled, because if you do maybe two or three minutes of reading, you will find that the ?liberals? and ?conservatives...
  11. C

    The Nature of the Conservative Mind-Set

    [FONT=&quot]:) If the religious right?s ole almighty Jehovah was a Trekkie and was remaking the world in the image of the Star Trek universe I think that he would most certainly cast the souls of conservatives as Klingons. At least he would if he were casting on the basis of people?s...
  12. H

    Rand Paul or Sarah Palin conservative Tea Party?

    Is Rand Paul or Sarah Palin the leader of the conservative Tea Party? Does anyone think that helps their political careers?
  13. E

    Are you a Liberal or Conservative? I'm supposedly 52% (I guess leaning towards 0% means liberal and 100% as conservative), making me a centrist. However, I had a few N/A answers (because this is American-related stuff and I'm from...
  14. myp

    Cpac 2010

    Today is the first day of the three day, Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington D.C. which is held every year. There are tons of speakers and guests including several Congressman, political commentators, and authors. I went last year and might try to make it out tomorrow if I get...
  15. myp

    Conservative party leader David Cameron's ideas on rebounding from economic crisis

    Just ran across this piece on the Wall Street Journal by U.K. Conservative party leader David Cameron. In the piece, he shares his ideas on how nations should react and rebound to the economic crisis. link...