1. N

    Looniest Of All 911 Conspiracy Theories

    Looniest Of All 911 Conspiracy Theories .
  2. tecoyah

    You might be a conspiracy theorist IF....

    You think the Earth is flat regardless of Video and Pictures. You believe Bigfoot is an Alien. You consider FOX news is truth and everyone else is fake. You disregard the moon landings but accept it was all a Hollywood sound stage. You see all the Trump personnel ties to Russia as...
  3. N

    Debunking Conspiracy Theorists

    ' url=]Debunking Conspiracy Theorists[/url] Paranoid Fantasies About 911 Detract From Real Issues Astute observers of history are aware that for every notable event there will usually be at least one ,often several wild conspiracy theories which spring...
  4. J

    Ok I'm not normally into conspiracy theories but this looks very interesting

    So there is this interesting new conspiracy theory that secret north European cosmos agency is stealing crucial data from smartphone users. I can not yet post links because my post count is less than 10 but there is a video wich explaines everything better than a thousand words. so just paste...
  5. tecoyah

    Is the "Creation" story conspiracy theory?

    Most conspiracy theories follow a few rules: 1) They are based on seemingly imagined Data. 2) They seem to lack tangible, or verifiable fact. 3) They require ever more creative interpretation as they are examined. 4) They are of an incredulous nature from the onset. 5) Those that believe them...
  6. tecoyah

    Imagine...actual Conspiracy!

    Seriously folks, some things are simply embarrassing. They truly serve no purpose other than portraying people as a bit less than normal...bordering on unstable. I submit to the crowd, that there is a difference between questionable reality, and complete nonsense. I would enjoy actual...
  7. deanhills

    9/11 Pentagon conspiracy

    Was the Pentagon scared during Sept 11 attacks? I've always imagined the Pentagon to be completely inpenetrable?
  8. deanhills

    Conspiracy by the rich in America?

    We often hear theories of an elite group of the real wealthy in the United States conspiring by influencing the media through board memberships, buying media companies, etc. as well as funding election campaigns to reach their own objectives and to get even more wealthy. Do you think it is...
  9. C

    Why do we get conspiracy theories, anyway?

    Why do we always come up with theories about dastardly plots? Is it sort of like religion, we don't understand something so we invent a god or a plot to explain it?