1. Ralph47

    Happy National I Am In Control Day!

    I feel quite in control right now. :giggle:
  2. N

    Canadian gun control: Should the united states look north for a solution to its firea

  3. N

    Public control of money creation

    ' Public control of money creation .
  4. arcturus88

    executive action and gun control

    king obama is holding court and has a royal edict to limit weapons. he's not negotiating with congress he's just doing it, because he's king. the hasn't a clue how to negotiate. ok agree , disagree?
  5. F

    The "Chosen" in Control: Just a MYTH?

    The canard that Jews own and control American media is, as Christopher Zara wrote, “a myth that is almost as old as the American media itself.” But, if we are honest, it is a myth with some basis in fact. Many of the great leaders of American journalism were born into Jewish families, and their...
  6. E

    All Gun Control Laws Are For Law Abiding Citizens And Not Lawless Criminals

    ---Obama wants to find a way to take away our guns from law abiding, gun owning American citizens. All laws for gun control is not to stop lawless criminals from their lawless shooting and murdering episodes. For these criminals will disobey any and every gun control law to do their evil deeds...
  7. chris7375

    Holder Supporting Gun Control

    It would seem the whole Administration is out pushing the gun control issue. Holder is trying to show his support by implementing the EO directed at his department. Though he will be showing his support by also supporting Feinstein's bill.
  8. chris7375

    Biden to take Gun Control on the road.

    Biden is now heading on the road to help Bolster support for gun control. His first stop is Virginia. Obam is said to soon be following him though his destinations have not been announced...
  9. M

    Did Obama Lost control over his fighters?

    Read Article:
  10. clax

    mind control

    I have read stories about secret plots the govenment is involved in inoder to control our minds with haarp and floride in water, but I think they may be using perscription drugs. Have you noticed how drugs no exist for every single discomfort known to man, and despite side effects like suicidal...
  11. Hair

    Should The Government Control Abortion

    Abortion is a big buzz word within the government. (Others being Gay, Terrorism and Tax). What are your views? Should the government control it? Should it always be a no and never have been invented? Would it be an option for a case by case decistion? Is it a simple way to get rid of...
  12. C

    Are US armed forces out of control? (spin-off thread)

    Is the US armed forces that out of control?
  13. A

    Should there be more or less gun control?

    I have always found the topic of gun control interesting and I recently had this debate with one of my peers. I believe that gun control does not help rid of crime and that there should be less of it. I really believe in the saying "guns don't kill people, people kill people." How does everyone...
  14. ArghMonkey

    Top 1 Percent Control 42 Percent of Financial Wealth in the U.S.

    Lots more knowledge to be had at the link below!
  15. myp

    Birth control

    Some religious leaders have stated contempt towards birth control/condoms and have told supporters not to use them. This has sometimes led to people having too many children and not being able to support them. What are your thoughts on this issue? Personally, I would much rather have people use...