1. N

    US Nazi President picks war criminal torturer as CIA chief

    ' Trump pick for new CIA director Gina Haspel oversaw torture .
  2. Ralph47

    Criminal Referral For FISA Court Abuse Underway

    A criminal referral from top Senate investigators confirms explosive charges in last week’s House Intelligence Committee memo regarding abuse of surveillance authorities at the FBI and Department of Justice. It also reveals a host of problems arising from the bureau’s cooperation with foreign...
  3. F

    Rush Limbaugh : War Criminal!!

    If the allies at the end of W.W.2, could find reason to hang a comic book illustrator and publisher as a war criminal; El Rushbo should at least be brought up on charges of promoting the unprovoked war against Iraq. A war based on forged evidence and false testimony that wound up costing the...
  4. C

    Are Prosecutors Really the "Good Guys" in the Criminal Justice System?

    Defense attorneys who are willing to be mouthpieces for pay for any dastardly defendant and egregious "evildoer" are often maligned as "whores". There's a popular perception of lawyers who take on the role of being the courtroom champions of crooks and creeps as scumbag sellouts. But are...