1. Ralph47

    Tax Cuts Have Dramatic Positive Economic Effect

    :cool: :cool: :cool: In this excerpt from our recent "Turning Global Gains into Local Successes in the Digital Economy" event, RCP's Carl Cannon and Congressman Steve Chabot discuss Chabot's efforts to reform the Small Business Administration since taking over as Chairman of the House Small...
  2. S

    Tax cuts and jobs act.

    H.R. 1, “Tax cuts and jobs act”: Within the proposed “Tax Cuts & Jobs Act”, the populist proposal doubling the standard deduction is of conspicuous merit, and eliminating the alternative minimum tax would be contemptible. (Increasing the standard deduction would be further improved if it...
  3. chris7375

    41:1 Tax Increases to Spending Cuts

    So if this is true and I assume it is because it is coming from the CBO. We basically achieved nothing.
  4. Protectionist


    Aren't you tired of hearing some government worker telling you the reason your service has been reduced (or eliminated) is because of budget cuts ? They say it as if we are all supposed to say "Oh yeah, we understand. It's OK". Well EARTH TO PUBLIC OFFICIALS: No, it's NOT OK. And budget...
  5. myp

    Want Federal income tax cuts? You will give the rich the greatest cuts

    But there is nothing wrong with that. People forget this wayyyy too much. The US has a progressive marginal Federal income tax system. That means that on the first $xx,xxx in income you pay x%, on the next $xx,xxx you pay a different x% and so on. This means that by making more money you will...
  6. obtuseobserver

    Costly Tax Cuts?

    I ran across a very interesting point in the article Tax Extension in a recent National Review issue by Reihan Salam . Mr. Salam notes that President Obama has pledged to allow the tax cuts for the richest two percent of Americans because we cannot, “afford to borrow an additional...
  7. myp

    Geithner: Let tax cuts die

    Secretary Treasury Timothy Geithner called for letting the expiring Bush tax cuts die later this year. He believes that it will not hurt the "recovery" and it will only affect the wealthiest of Americans. The announcement was made after several Democrats are thinking about extending the cuts...
  8. myp

    United States, Russia to make nuclear weapon cuts

    The United States and Russia have agreed on a new deal to cut a significant portion of each countries nuclear and weapon arsenals. The agreement comes after months of negotiating and includes cutting the long range nuclear arsenals of both countries by about one third. The cuts are still pending...
  9. O

    Obama cuts 100M of "wasteful spending"

    I know this is a few days old but I didn't have a chance to post this before and really wanted to comment on it. Honestly, he's spitting in our faces with this one, 100M. The real kicker is, the next day he announces a $6 billion...