1. Fitz

    U.S. coal exports soar, in boost to Trump energy agenda, data shows

    As the article states above the Europeans roundly condemned Trump of pulling out of the Paris Accord and on vaunting their green Good for US jobs!
  2. myp

    Medicare payment data

    Huge release today, something like 10 million rows of data on medicare payments to providers released for the first time ever. You can bet this is going to lead to some things surfacing over the coming days, weeks, months. Some docs prob already in hot water. Anyone else been following? (if you...
  3. myp

    Government spending data and statistics

    Good post by Nate Silver on the growth of government spending and various breakdowns of the data:
  4. T

    Car sale data has correctly predicted the presidential winner for the past 20 years

    I just read this interesting article about how in election years, people actually buy more RED and BLUE cars. This year, more people have bought red cars, so people are predicting that Romney will win. It's on the Web2Carz website. its very strange. I'm curious if it is possible for the...