1. Ralph47

    Trump's Football Team Days

    For a reported $9 million, Trump became the owner of the New Jersey Generals, a flailing team in the fledgling United States Football League. Within one year, he turned the team into one of the best in the USFL. Two years later, the league was dead, and Trump was the prime suspect. “He was...
  2. Ralph47

    Moore Still In Lead 10 Days Before Race
  3. myp

    Election coming down to last few days

    I don't think we will know strongly either way until after the votes start coming in on Tuesday and even then it will probably take a while. The battleground states will make or break whoever wins and a lot of them are still up for grabs. A lot of money and time are being spent in states like...
  4. myp

    Fed meeting in 2 days - predictions?

    It is going to be interesting in 2 days when the Fed has its next scheduled meeting. Things for a couple of weeks seemed like they would stick to what is currently being run due to optimism on the part of the Fed. Recent news, however, has turned that sentiment and the market seems to be...
  5. Comet

    Iran to make major nuclear announcement within days, Ahmadinejad says

    Curious as to what this news will be and if it is significant or simply posturing to deter Israel from a preemptive strike, as they appear to be preparing for. Read more:
  6. myp

    Ash from Icelandic volcano may hover over Europe for a few days

    The ash from a recently erupted Icelandic volcano continues to cause problems for European trade and travel as the air is still not clear and has kept airplanes grounded. With light winds and heavy clouds, this could result in substantial losses over the coming days. Some worry that there could...
  7. O

    How would you rate Obama's transition/first few days on the job?

    I would give him a B. In terms of getting his agenda across, he really did hit the floor running as promised. I fully approve of his executive orders to close Gitmo and ban torture. His first press briefing went as well as can be expected and the new daily press briefings he will be getting...