1. Ralph47

    Cool! Nevada To Use Fentanyl For Death Penalty

    Now that's being creative! :cool:
  2. Ralph47

    Here's What Happens Upon Death (In A Nutshell)

    You suddenly enter NOTHINGNESS. Then after that you STILL have nothiness. The BEST part, is that you are TOTALLY unaware this has happened, so "no harm, no foul" is in full effect. :cool:
  3. N

    The Death of the Republic

    The Death of the Republic .
  4. reedak

    Death of North Korea's political pawn and hostage

    Otto Warmbier, the 22-year-old student of University of Virginia, held for 17 months in prison with hard labour by the Kim regime for allegedly trying to steal a propaganda poster, had been in a coma since returning home from North Korea. He died less than a week after his release. Prior to...
  5. arcturus88


    the struggle with death This weekend my son had an existential crisis. He started thinking about death and specifically my impending death bothered him. it went something like this: * G: How old are you ? 100? Me: No much younger than that. G: I hope you get to be 177. Me: oh yeah? G...
  6. Protectionist

    NOW is the Time for Britain to Reinstate the Death Penalty

    It has never been more appropriate a time for the UK to reinstate its long-held death penalty (last used in 1964). With the trial of the Muslim fanatic killers of Lee Rigby, this perfectly is why the death penalty is necessary. These 2 dirtbags, with no regard for human life, filled with...
  7. arcturus88

    discovering death

    so when did you discover, realize, or otherwise come to understand about death?:skull: was there a specifc incident that ocurred? death of relative, etc.? How old were you and how did it hit you when you realized the ramifications? For me, i had several instances that brought it home as a...
  8. chris7375

    Army Seeks Death Penalty on Soldier. I can't say what was going through the soldiers mind at the time. Do I think he should receive the death penalty.... I would say am honestly conflicted on this. On one hand he killed children and I feel that...
  9. C

    Occupy Wall Street, Capitalism's Death Rattle?

    Revolutionary history in the making? It just perhaps might be that what we’re witnessing in the mass social phenomenon being called “Occupy Wall Street” are the early signs and portents of the meltdown of the moonshiny mythology of capitalism – the moonshiny mythology that capitalism is a system...
  10. G

    Life After Dead

    there are several theories about the life after death, about 7 times arrival in the world, about questions on the day of judgement.. what is the most perfect theory ??
  11. obtuseobserver

    Palin and the Giffords Shooting pt III (death threats) This is the story that just keeps on getting more and more surreal. A nut-job shoots Gabrielle Giffords. Paul Krugman and a cohort of other usual suspects blame Sarah Palin (while ignoring the same blameful acts done by democrats) and now Sarah Palin is...
  12. E

    You Will Never Guess 3rd Leading Cause of Death in America

    In an article, entitled, "MEDICALLY CAUSED DEATH IN AMERICA" by Jon Rappoport dated June 28, 2010, he states the third leading cause of death in this country is hospital, doctor and pharmaceutical related. Here is link to his article and an exerpt from same to substantiate...
  13. C

    CIA Torture and Death Exposed Man arrested without warrant and held without charges is tortured and killed in the "salt pit" by the CIA. Whereabouts of body undisclosed and family refused permission to recover it. Is this how America induces the poor and...
  14. deanhills

    "Chemical Ali" gets another death sentence

    Sadam Hussein's cousin "Chemical Ali", has just received another death sentence. He seems to be collecting these. Can't believe how much he looks like Sadam though. Wow! Looks as though the people of Iraq are stretching all these death sentences out. A civilized version of stone throwing? Source...
  15. GunnedDown

    Life after Death?

    Does anyone here believe in life after death? I'm a little bit confused on if being a Christian, when you either get sent to heaven or hell, is that supposed to be "life" after death? As for my opinion (assuming I had no religion), I would probably say there's no real life after death, and...
  16. mike21

    Death of princess Diana.

    Princess Diana dies in a road accident but was it really an accident or was that accident pre planned.there are a lot of stories about the princess that she was afraid of being murdered,the official report from the officials says that it was a road accident but it sounds fishy because her lover...