1. B

    huge debt

    What do you think American government together with FED are going to do with the huge debt? It's certain one day they will not be able to pay their bond obligations - so what are your predictions?
  2. S

    Credit card companies increase all prices.

    Credit card companies increase all prices. Many small mom & pop businesses are at a competitive disadvantage because their price schedules cannot support credit card handling expenses charged to the vendor. The only credit card company contracts offered to them prohibit passing fees charged to...
  3. myp

    Treasury to tap Thrift Savings Plan as it looks towards debt ceiling

    Can we just raise it already? Or abolish it?
  4. myp

    Should we have a debt ceiling?

    We are just over $85 billion over the debt ceiling so once the fiscal cliff debate wraps up, you can probably expect that one to be back shortly after. If we keep raising the ceiling, is there any point to even having it? I think with the uncertainty it creates, especially during recovery, it...
  5. myp

    Asia, Euro fall on Eurozone debt worries

    And here we go again- Spanish yields surged sending Asia and the Euro down today. It will be interesting to see how the American market responds when it opens tomorrow morning.
  6. myp

    U.S. Budget Watch: national debt would increase with all candidates except Paul

    A report done by U.S. Budget Watch suggests that the tax/spending plans of all the GOP candidates except for Ron Paul would lead to greater debt despite the ongoing insistence by everyone that they are fiscally conservative. Of course economic activity can't be perfectly gauged, but I don't see...
  7. myp

    United States $25 million from debt ceiling

    Debt ceiling debate part 2 (or should I say 3 or 4 or more?) coming soon? Pardon the sensationalist source.
  8. O

    Run! Its the Debt Bomb!!!

    America's debts are astronomical and are crushing the nation's currency. And despite opening 2 new major oil markets in the past decade (by killing Hussein & Gaddafi) the nation's lifeblood is still too expensive for its diminishing middle class... Watch and feel free to debate & hate...
  9. N

    Debt to GDP ratio of various countries

    Greece : 142% Italy: 120% USA: 99% Belgium/Ireland/Portugal : Between 90% and 99% Germany, France, UK. Hungary: in 80% range You can now guess who will default and in what order. Most of US debt was caused by $10 Trillion spent in wars.
  10. E

    Reduce Debt - No Paychecks for Congress

    Did you know that each time your Congressional representative receives his or her paycheck it causes the national debt to rise? Yes it most certainly does. So you see it is not only us senior citizens causing the national debt to rise but also our legislators and President as well. To be...
  11. myp

    Governors ask Congress to raise debt ceiling

    Governors asked Congress to pass a debt ceiling hike at their national meeting out of worries for their credit ratings. Governors of both parties signed the letter as Congress continues to push towards the August 2nd deadline...
  12. I

    Debt Ceiling Breached, Does Anyone Care?

    The United States of America in now drowned in debt by $14.39 trillion. This debt, is obviously at an all time high for the country. The politicians from both parties seem to only care about winning elections and really do as little as possible to solve the problem of a debt burdened America...
  13. myp

    How long until the Fed becomes the number 1 buyer of American debt?

    After a treasury auction earlier this month, the Fed became the 2nd largest holder of US debt after China. It is only a matter of time before it surpasses China and becomes the number one holder of American debt. It truly amazes me how little people talk about this or care about this- perhaps...
  14. J

    Inflation and debt I

    [FONT=Courier New] As of February 2010 the United States Federal government was $12.4 trillion in debt. [FONT=Courier New][COLOR=#0000ff] [FONT=Courier New] By July 2007 State and local governments owed $2 trillion (and this would be around...
  15. myp

    Democrats propose $1.9 trillion hike in debt limit

    The Democrats were back at it again today, looking to increase the debt limit once more, this time proposing a $1.9 trillion hike. The measure of course comes in a time when they aren't in a great political position after yesterday's stunning victory by Scott Brown in Massachusetts. This...
  16. C

    Debt Consolidation

    In today's credit crisis, debt is a major issue. What do you guys think of debt consolidation services? Anybody used one before? Have you seen your debt get reduced?
  17. deanhills

    Rising interest rates of US Debt

    I found an interesting article on the ramifications for world growth as a result of the rising interest rates of US Debt. Do you think this is exaggerated, or is MYP's predictions regarding the negative effects of the 1.2-trillion bail-out package now coming true...