1. reedak

    Donald Trump is "blame king"

    (1a) Blaming His Own Country After putting Donald Trump under the microscope, it’s time to assess his character. One of the many negative sides to his character is that he is "the master of playing blame games". Since his election campaigns in 2016, he has shown himself to be a raving...
  2. N

    Donald Trump’s First Year and the Illusion of Choice

    Donald Trump’s First Year and the Illusion of Choice The basis of Orwellian New-Speak is always to call things by their opposites. Thus, War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, etc. So the USA is engaged in "nation building," not "nation destroying". .
  3. C

    The Madness of Donald Trump

    The pressures of the presidency have pushed Trump to the edge, but is he crazy enough to be removed from office? .After a disastrous and terrifying August, which among other things saw him defend the "very fine people" among neo-Nazi protesters in a Charlottesville, Virginia, march, it's Trump's...
  4. N

    Donald Trump Was Bailed Out of Bankruptcy by Russia Crime Bosses

    ' Donald Trump Was Bailed Out of Bankruptcy by Russia Crime Bosses .
  5. C

    Donald Trump is not well

    For those lucky enough to miss Thursday’s West Wing temper tantrum, the president continued a year-long habit of lashing out at "Morning Joe" while claiming to never watch it. During his early-morning tirade, Mr. Trump spit out schoolyard insults about "low I.Q. Crazy Mika," "Psycho Joe" and...
  6. N

    Donald Trump's base is shrinking

    Donald Trump's base is shrinking
  7. C

    The education of Donald Trump

    The White House remains on a collision course between the president's fixed habits and the demands of his new job. So far, Trump has led a White House gripped by paranoia and insecurity, paralyzed by internal jockeying for power. Mistrust between aides runs so deep that many now employ their...
  8. C

    Donald Trump’s Alternative-Reality Press Conference

    For more than an hour, President Trump demonstrated, again, that he long ago escaped the bounds of reality that restrict most mortals. Donald Trump?s Alternative-Reality Press Conference - The New Yorker
  9. C

    Spies keep intelligence from Donald Trump

    -Wall Street Journal Decision to withhold information underscores deep mistrust between intelligence community and president U.S. intelligence officials have withheld sensitive intelligence from President Donald Trump because they are concerned it could be leaked or compromised, according to...
  10. tecoyah

    Donald Trump begins recruitment campaign for ISIS.

    By banning travel with executive order from certain nations which are predominantly Muslim and pretty much stating Christians are Okay, the United States has given Islamic Extremists a powerful tool to gain more recruits. It seems to me the opposite of what should be done. The few attacks on...
  11. tecoyah

    The new Donald Trump?

    I am curious to know what everyone thinks about what he is becoming. On the one hand his "Adjustments" in tone and position must seem a beacon of hope to Dems and on the other it must piss his TrumpHumpers off quite a bit. Thus far we have no wall, HillBill gets a pass, Climate change is no...
  12. R

    Donald Trump

    Many people have bad things to say about Donald Trump but I have something good to say. Trump says if he wins, he can get prayer brought back in schools. Children need to pray in schools. If they're taught to pray, they might grow up to be Christians. That would make them better citizens and...
  13. tecoyah

    Donald Trmp's catch 22.

    It seems as if Trumps rise in this election cycle is primarily a result of his massive media exposure repeating everything he says. Now it seems his downfall is the result of massive media exposure repeating everything he says. Should he just stop talking and hope the momentum carries him...
  14. tecoyah

    What is Donald Trump thinking?

    Seriously, does he think HillBill is gonna play nice once he begins going off on Bills 20 yr. old blowjob? Me thinks that when he does the veil over his lack of skills in international affairs will be next to fall and his inadequacy for the job revealed to the sheeple that bow before him. I...
  15. C

    Donald Trump and Debates

    >>>>>>>>> Why do people think that debates should be moderated by these liberal anchors from the leftwing media, who's only interest is to ultimately see the GOP lose? I'd rather see a successful Republican businessman like Donald Trump moderate a debate than some liberal from CBS, ABC or...