1. Ralph47

    Evil Of Man Discussion

    Any thoughts on the "evil of man"? :cool: just curious :cool:
  2. arcturus88

    the existence of evil

    Crime Library: Donald "Pee Wee" Gaskins | Crime Museum Please read and indicate what you think these "bothersome feelings" Gaskins described were ?
  3. arcturus88

    quarantine of evil

    From the Bible, we learn that God cast out 1/3 of heaven's angels. Those that chose to follow lucifer were expelled from heaven. But why? I suspect that evil is a thing, a disease. A self-willed disease of sorts. It is also highly contagious and very corrosive to the being it infects (think...
  4. C

    Is Terrorism a Form of Pure Evil?

    [SIZE=4][FONT=&quot] So, let me pose some timely ethical-philosophical questions that might seem to many to be regular no-brainers. Was Osama bin Laden utterly and definitively ?evil?? Was the abominable atrocity of 9/11 an expression of ?evil? beyond the moral pale for decent human beings...
  5. Akuma

    Evil religions?

    Some people think that the Satanic/Pagan religion are evil whilst others don't see them as harmful religions and instead consider them to be peaceful. Do you think a religion can actually be evil? I personally think a religion could be abused in a way that it's justified for evil means, but I...