1. N

    Should the United States Cease to Exist?

    ' If the proper functioning of the Constitution depends upon "the moral and ethical standard of our representatives" and upon "an informed and involved electorate," then the situation is clearly hopeless, and the Constitution is finished, kaput, unworkable, trash, a has-been. We need a new...
  2. Seer Travis Truman

    Its a fact that god does not exist

    NB : For the purposes of this thread, god refers to the christian delusion. A god-addict, is claiming that "god exists". Note that they even go as far as saying he DOES exist, not that "I think he might, for no reason", which is far more accurate assessment of his position. Any True atheist...
  3. Akuma

    Jesus did not exist?

    I think this theory is best put in this section as it might get too heated for the religion section. I remember surfing through the net one day and encountering a site about a film that supposedly proved that Jesus was a fraud, or something along those lines. I don't think it said that Jesus...