1. C

    Too Crooked to Fail: Why Scott Pruitt Still Has His Job (for Now).

    Lesser scandals have felled other Trump appointees. Why is the EPA administrator still standing? Follow the money.
  2. myp

    Illegal to fail students if they believe in certain myths as opposed to facts?

    This is just ridiculous. Making It Illegal To Fail Science Students Who Argue Humans Co-Existed With Dinosaurs | TechCrunch
  3. DodgeFB

    Gingrich, Perry fail to make Va. ballot

    (AP) WASHINGTON — Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has failed to qualify for Virginia's March 6 Republican primary, a development that complicates his bid to win the GOP presidential nomination. "After verification, RPV has determined that Newt Gingrich did not submit required 10K signatures...
  4. C

    Budget Office: Obama's Stimulus Failed on Jobs

    [SIZE="3"]Budget Office: Obama's Stimulus Failed on Jobs Wednesday, 23 Nov 2011 12:34 PM By Paul Scicchitano Source:
  5. myp

    Deficit panel looks like it will fail

    The bipartisan "super-committee" that was supposed to cut at least $1.2 trillion over 10 years is set to admit failure after the two sides could not find enough common ground. Particularly, Republicans wanted to keep taxes low and Democrats did not want to cut retirement and healthcare benefits...
  6. P

    What do libs think is the biggest thing too big too fail?

    The federal government.
  7. myp

    Watch HBO's Too Big to Fail

    I saw this a while ago and forgot to share it here, but HBO's Too Big to Fail is worth the watch. It is of course based on true events and some of the things you see are just astounding (some of you who followed the crisis will probably know most of what it shows by now, but the dramatization is...
  8. myp

    Democrats fail to move up hr 3200 vote

    Some Democrats were trying to move up the HR3200 (the healthcare bill) vote to this week, before the August recess. This was obviously to try to force a quick vote and hope that the bill goes through because as times goes on it continues to get picked apart and they are losing supporters...