1. Ralph47

    LOL! Trump Defies Gravity; Slips But No Fall

    :D:D:D Washington is debating a different set of laws these days: The laws of physics. Do Newton’s principles affect Donald Trump like other inhabitants of our planet? There is evidence Trump has the power to defy gravity: When this president slips, he doesn’t fall, he floats. It is...
  2. myp

    Asia, Euro fall on Eurozone debt worries

    And here we go again- Spanish yields surged sending Asia and the Euro down today. It will be interesting to see how the American market responds when it opens tomorrow morning. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/04/16/us-markets-global-idUSBRE83B01H20120416
  3. myp

    Dow suffers huge fall, international markets down, gold up

    An interesting day today to say the least. The Dow was down by nearly 1000 points earlier today, but thankfully bounced back to around 350 down right now (still bad, but relatively better.) The large fall was partly due to growing uncertainty of Greece and worries of a potential contagion...
  4. David

    Fall of the Republic

    De jure, the USA is a federal democratic-republic, a federation of many republics with elements of democracy. De facto... The federation failed over a century and a half ago with the defeat of the CSA by loyalist forces. An ironic situation considering President Lincoln was, at least...
  5. Akuma

    Fall of Capitalism?

    Do you think that Capitalism will ever fall in the United states? I have a feeling that within the next 300 years or so, if there is too much social differences between the rich and poor, another civil war will break out and some new refined economic system will be born. It will probably be...