1. O

    Toxic Ash from the Woolsey Fire in SoCal?

    Gov. Jerry Brown is dismissing any calls to action and also, trying to dispel fears but the local cancer rates speak for themselves and are through the rough. I live nearby and it burned my nostrils for a couple days every time I stepped outside. Here's a link showing the increased levels of...
  2. Ralph47

    Doh! FBI Agent Dance Moves Fire Gun Into Crowd!

  3. reedak

    North Korea will NEVER fire its nuclear missiles westward and northward?

    China's UN ambassador Liu Jieyi on Monday (Jul 3) warned of "disastrous" consequences if world powers fail to find a way to ease tensions with North Korea which he said could "get out of control". Instead he should have warned of "disastrous" consequences if world powers fail to dismantle North...
  4. chris7375

    NightClub Bouncers kept people from escaping Fire.

    It would seem that the Guards may have barred people from the ability to leave the inferno. It is being said they kept people from saving themselves in turn killing more then people. http://www.dailymail...g-building.html
  5. chris7375

    Deadly Night Club Fire.

    The count so far is an estimated count. It stands at 232 people dead in a Brazilian Night Club fire. This would be the worst fire in a decade. Though they believe the number to rise but not by much more...
  6. myp

    Pakistan forces fire into air and tear gas protest crowds

    Regime change coming?
  7. DodgeFB

    Fire at Penly nuclear reactor in northern France

    Fire crews have been rushed to a nuclear reactor in northern France after an escape of smoke but the energy company EDF says the site is secure. I like nuclear less as time goes on. It is just too much to clean up when something "really" goes...
  8. myp

    S. Korea starts live fire drills despite North

    South Korea has started live fire drills on the border despite threats by their Northern neighbor.
  9. myp

    North Korea and South Korea exchange artillery fire

    The two neighbor nations exchanged fire over a disputed water boundary between the two nations. The source of the conflict has been disputed by both nations for decades and occasionally erupted into attacks...
  10. C

    Another US Gun Nut Opens Fire

    So where were all the able-bodied, red-blooded armed US civilians who should have prevented this under prevelant US 2nd Amendment theory? Or maybe just get rid of the over-supply of hand guns in America?
  11. David

    NASA fire sale!

    NASA is selling the space shuttles for $28.2 Million each. The engines are free.