1. arcturus88

    Fireside chat with Thirdterm

    So Thirdterm, this is a thread dedicate to you. Please decline if you wish, but in general it is for members to ask about yourself. If questions are too personal, just ignore or defer them. (Last time i did one of these for reedak, he ran away and never came back. please don't let that be...
  2. arcturus88

    fireside chat with reedak

    if you are willing...;) would you describe your life history up to this point.
  3. arcturus88

    fireside chat with 7forever

    welcome to the secret society of fireside chatters. now, lets get real: who are you ? what do you do? what makes you tick? worst pet peeve of the moment?
  4. arcturus88

    Fireside chat with myp

    your name is up...thaks for playing. What is your association with the site? are you it's creator / founding father? How did it come about?
  5. T

    Fireside chat with Aufgeblassen

    It is your turn.....good luck! Hopefully no one decides to interfere.;)
  6. arcturus88

    Fireside chat with Polydectes

    you're next! What's your earliest memory?
  7. arcturus88

    fireside chat with Iolo

    i shook the 8-ball and you're next! so please if you could, tell us a little bit about your life story?
  8. arcturus88

    Fireside Chat with tecoyah

    Note: this thread is all about tecoyah. everyone may ask him questions. of course he may refuse any of them. tecoyah. I noticed in some thread that you made a mud/straw hut. What got you into that? how many have you made?
  9. arcturus88

    fireside chats

    i just had an idea. :nerd: what if we were to have a "fireside chat" wherein one member is highlighted and the whole forum gets to chat, question and generally get to know this person? it doesn't have to be soley for newbies and could be for old-timers as well. once conversation has...