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    Sales taxes are less regressive than flat rated income taxes.

    Sales taxes are less regressive than flat rated income taxes. Due to political and accounting difficulties, methods of calculating net incomes that has or may likely to be enacted into federal tax regulations significantly greater understate taxable incomes of wealthier taxpayers. This remains...
  2. myp

    Why a flat tax is a bad idea

    Okay we have run into the flat tax in quite a few discussions lately, but always as a side-topic, not giving it the attention it deserves despite the disagreement. So let's have a discussion on it here. My reasoning for why a flat tax is bad is because the value of money diminishes marginally...
  3. myp

    The World is Flat

    Check out this talk given by multiple Pulitzer winner Thomas Friedman at MIT. It is based on his book "The World is Flat" and discusses globalization and how we are all getting to be on an equal playing field and what that means to America. It is a long video, but worth the time if you have it...
  4. myp

    The flat (income) tax is a regressive tax

    Just wanted to put that out there since it seems like a lot of people still don't seem to understand that. There are two simple explanations behind it: 1) Value is subjective. A dollar to a rich person is not worth the same as a dollar to a poor one. 2) The above can really be summed into...
  5. myp

    What tax system do you prefer?

    If you were to somehow be able to change the tax system of a country on your own, what system would you want and why? I recently saw this question posed on Reddit (a social bookmarking site for those not familiar with it) and was wondering how everyone here would respond.