1. arcturus88

    forum rules

    What are the rules here? I've never seen them? I'm guessing given the political name, that there would be rules to follow? Also for members, what rules would you like there to be if any? :spin:
  2. M

    New to the forum

    Hello to all the fray members. Looking forward to the discussions. My old forum disappeared into cyberspace. Perhaps the NSA or some other body didn't like it. See ya all out there. Montecresto
  3. myp

    IGM forum survey on technology and income inequality

    Pretty strong consensus that technological advancement has affected different skill groups differently.
  4. myp

    Bipartisan health care forum

    The bipartisan health care forum is happening right now. The President and several Congressman from both sides of the aisle are at the meeting to discuss health care reform and where to go from here. You can stream it live right now here...
  5. Dirk

    Calling American Forum Regulars - Just a bit of help?

    I still seem to be having a bit of problem with the American version of the term "Liberal". On the political spectrum, i am told, it is around the centre-right. Is that correct? Could a forum regular that's been here a while give me a quick run-down of what precisely it entails? And also, being...
  6. D


    Hello,I am new to the forum , I hope to meet a lot of new people and enjoy my stay here . cheers RS