1. arcturus88

    what really happened to political fray

    earlier David opined the following, and was quickly rebuffed by one tecoyah: So the question is begged members...what really caused the Great Recession of members here at political fray? I invited all members past, present, lurkers to chime in here. your voice deserves to be heard...
  2. arcturus88

    political fray casting couch

    Ok. There is a movie to be made about political fray. please play casting director, and take a moment and cast parts for leading characters in this movie. in essence, what famous actors should play these characters?: tecoyah polydectes david aufgablassen arcturus88 7forever reedak myp...
  3. G

    My Welcome to the Fray

    I'm a 66 year-old White man who isn't angry about much except how many of my fellow citizens continue to believe "choosing" between Republican OR Democrat in the voting booth Changes anything of substance. Huey Long saw it clearly decades ago when he pointed out DC's resemblance to a...
  4. Faust

    New Member at the Fray

    Hello everyone. Even though I generally avoid political discussions, I'm the kind of person who buys Jean-Paul Sartre collections for my friends at Christmas time, so I think I will fit in well around here. I'm looking forward to chatting with you all.
  5. I

    New, jumpin' into the fray!

    I just wanted to say hello to all of the Liberals and "Conservatives" about. Also I felt it worth clarifying, as the username suggests, I voted Ron Paul. So neither Bush's mess, or Obama's, is my fault. ;) Alright, glad to be here.. some interesting personalities about!